Another awesome deal arrived today!

On August 25th, Eversave was offering a $130 voucher to NuMe.com for $30. They had also given members a $10 credit that was only available for use for a few days. I already had more credit, so for $10 out of pocket I got a $130 voucher! With my voucher I ordered a ton of shampoo and conditioner and a couple of hair treatments for $138 (shipped). BUT wait, to make this an even better deal, I purchased the Eversave voucher through Swagbucks, which gave me ~$2 worth of Amazon credit (only 450 points for a $5 Amazon gift card!)
Which means this was basically $138 of product for $16 out of pocket! Woohoo! Now hopefully it works well on my hair :)

P.S. New members get $3 when they join Eversave!

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