Garden Update

This morning I was reading The Domestic Princess's garden update, and realized I haven't mentioned my garden much this year.

Last year I planted all sorts of things: tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, basil, and pumpkins. This year, the plan was to get whatever I could planted because Elliot arrived at the end of April, and with my husband deployed, I have less help. I managed to get 3 tomato plants, a bell pepper, and jalapeno planted in a couple garden boxes, plus basil growing in the house.

So far everything is growing really well, thanks to the constant thunderstorms keeping the garden nice and watered. I'm pleased that my tomatoes are growing like crazy! I've already had tons of ripe tomatoes and a few plants even came back on their own in another box.

All of these are from this morning's harvest!

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