Thrifty Tip: Paypal Debit Card

I love Paypal and use it all the time! Some of the survey companies I'm signed up with offer Paypal payments so there's always a little money flowing into my account. I usually think of my Paypal money as spending money for various deals I come across online, but I also use it to buy from websites that I'm not to sure about entering my credit or debit card info on. About a year ago I decided to sign up for the Paypal debit card, which has no fee, and it makes it even easier to spend survey earnings in stores or restaurants (vs. waiting to transfer the money to my bank account). What I love about the debit card is I get 1% cash back every month in my account. It may not seem like much, but a dollar here and there is something to me especially since it is effortless. If you are a Paypal fan, I suggest you check out their debit card because it's another easy way to earn a little cash with little effort.

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