Eco-friendly Goals for the New Year!

It's almost a new year, so it's time to come up with some new eco-friendly goals. One that immediately comes to mind is reducing more plastic in our home. It seems like every week I come across a new article about BPA and where it is showing up in an every day product that I never even thought of as harmful. Recently, I saw information about BPA in the plastic coating on cardboard books that babies love to chomp on and read! Great another source of toxins in my home! Information about plastics and harmful chemicals can be overwhelming at times, however, in the next year I want to use this information as motivation to further eliminate them from our home as much as possible.

So far we've been successful in ditching the plastic bag when we shop, ditching plastic water bottles, switching to glass containers for storing and heating food, cloth diapering, and buying many cloth, wood, and recycled toys. There is still so much more we can do though! For one, I am doing my best to buy PVC-free products now, and I love that some of my favorite companies like Little Twig use PVC-free packaging. Another thing I'm willing to try is cloth wipes, especially with the new baby on the way, so we cut down waste further. A third goal I have is to get my city to partner with RecycleBank! When I lived in California, I got paid to recycle, here it's rare and you have to pay for it yourself, which seems backwards to me. I'd like to change that.

What are your eco-friendly goals for the next year?


  1. Great goals! (And I like the updated look!) I haven't thought too much about this question yet, but I think one of my goals is to cut out buying things that aren't necessary. I already shop minimally, but I want to reach the point at which I end each year with slightly less stuff than I began it.

    I'm also working to cut down my dairy consumption to treat/occasional status and to eat more plant-based sources of protein. I've been vegetarian for a few years, but I know there are still ways to reduce my impact by eating less processed food, cooking from scratch all the time, buying only locally grown produce, and (hardest of all for me) not wasting leftovers or letting things die in my fridge.

  2. I love your goal of ending the year with less! I'd like to downsize some as well, and certainly buy products that use less packaging. I have that problem too...I waste leftovers or produce in the fridge :( I'm going to work on that this year along with buying more local foods.