Traveling with a Toddler - Suggestions Please!

Next month, Jacob and I will be flying to California to spend Thanksgiving with family. Since my husband is in Afghanistan, we will be making the trip solo. Last time we flew just the two of us it went pretty well. We visited family in Oklahoma for several days and he did great on the flights. But... we were just flying from Nashville to Tulsa, which was a shorter flight, and he was barely 8 months old. Then he hadn't started crawling yet, still loved to be held, and napped more. This time he will be 14 months old, is very squirmy, doesn't want to be held more than a few minutes, loves to yell, and hardly naps. On top of this, I will be 4 months pregnant and I already have a baby belly, meaning lap space is decreasing by the minute. Oh and did I mention that I thought our formula days would be done at 12 months, but that's not the case since Jacob only tolerates goat's milk, so I will have to pack powdered milk with us too since I doubt it's offered as a complimentary beverage...

...Recently, my friend has discovered that saying the word "airplane" makes me cringe and she now loves to tease me often. That shows how much I am looking forward to the traveling part of this trip...

I was on my game last time but I'm am very anxious about this trip. Does anyone have ANY suggestions? How to keep him entertained? How to prevent him from climbing all over me and all the other passengers the whole flight? How to satisfy his need to squirm when there is hardly enough room for me to squeeze my own legs into the seat space?

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