Goat's Milk = Miracle Cure?

On Jacob's first birthday I tried giving him whole milk and after just a few hours he was congested, his nose was running, he had diarrhea, and his eczema flared up really bad. I called his doctor's office and spoke with a doctor who had never seen my son, who recommended I keep giving him whole milk because there are "so many viruses that go around this time of year." Well, I trusted my gut on this one and knew that my son was not sick because he hadn't been exposed to anything and the symptoms started immediately when I gave him milk (coincidence? I don't think so). I wasn't convinced that Jacob couldn't be allergic to milk just because he had been on a milk-based formula and done fine, as the doctor had pointed out. Milk-based formula and whole milk are not the same thing.

So I got online and did some research and discovered that a lot of children and adults with milk sensitivities do well with goat's milk. It's easier to digest and less of an allergen. Dr. Sears even recommends it. The next thing I had to figure out was where to get it, luckily I can find the pint sized cartons of Meyenberg goat's milk at Kroger and Walmart! BUT it's $3.99 a pint. Eeek! However, I was fortunate enough that at our next WIC appointment, all I had to do was mention that I wanted my son on goat's milk because of his milk allergy symptoms and no questions asked, they switched us to receive vouchers for goat's milk.

At first Jacob would only drink the goat's milk if I mixed in a little formula. I can't blame him though, it's a strong flavor that takes some getting used to. However, we slowly transitioned and now he drinks it straight and loves it! Best part is that he doesn't have any symptoms of an allergy. His eczema even started to improve over normal when he switched. Then a couple weekends ago, we were at the farmer's market and I spotted bars of goat's milk soap for sale. I got one for myself and an oatmeal bar for Jacob, within TWO WASHES his skin was clear! No more rashes, itching, flaky patches, nothing. I don't even have to use lotion on him, his skin stays smooth and moisturized. My skin, which tends to dry out at the beginning of fall is doing great as well! Which brings me to my point, I am starting to believe that goat's milk may be a miracle cure. I wondering what else it can be used for now!

There is a downside though... I can't exactly order goat's milk for him when we go out to eat, and in a few weeks when we fly to California, I won't be able to keep a cup of it cold on the plane. So I ordered it in the powdered form from Amazon and I REALLY hope that Jacob will drink it.

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