Cloth Diaper Issues

Our previously wonderful cloth diaper routine has gone south lately...we've had a bunch of LEAKS to the point of Jacob's pants being soaked, and the odor has gotten out of control. I love my cloth diaper detergent, and usually a little vinegar in the wash helps with the odor, but lately it's not cutting it. I got online and did a little research and discovered that I have never "stripped" my diapers! Luckily I came across this information from bumGenius about solving diaper issues. When certain issues come up, like leaks and odors, diapers can be stripped using Dawn liquid dish soap (blue kind) and hot water. Now if only I could figure out why Jacob is getting terrible diaper rash too. We change diapers frequently and I try to let him air dry for a little bit before putting on a new diaper. Or I use Avalon Organics A+D ointment. Any other tips?


  1. If you are getting your diapers clean you shouldn't have to strip your diapers. I have been cloth diapering my son for 2 years and have never needed to strip. However if your diapers aren't getting clean then it is a great tip to help strip them of old residue! Here's a few thoughts... as your baby gets older their urine gets stronger and more of it. You will most likely need MORE detergent to get them clean. This only works well if you are using a detergent that doesn't leave a residue. Does that make sense? Using more of a poor detergent causes more problems. one way to tell if you are having a urine residue is to note when the diapers smell. lots of the time the diapers will smell fine when they are dry but the minute he/she pees then you get a very strong smell. Another key many people feel is having enough water... although we use a HE front loader and still don't have any issues. I think a lot of it depends on your water type. We have a water softener and that I believe along with a CD detergent makes all of the difference. Even if you have had good luc with your hard water in the past as the baby gets older you may find that it becomes an issue. Since I have a water softener I can't give any first hand advice on hard water, but what I have found is that that customers who come into our store with hard water issues do better with the rocking green detergent than with most others. We use the Charlies personally and have had great luck with it. Hope this helps!
    Rebecca Kenwick

  2. Did you by any chance have the bad batch of RockinGreen detergent? I did and my diapers did not get clean, got buildup, and have been horrible to get clean ever since.

  3. Thank you for the comments! We have hard water, and I usually use a couple scoops of detergent. I really think that running the diapers through a wash with dawn and hot water helped though, we haven't had leaks today and the odor faded mostly. We've been using Crunchy Clean and it was working great until the past couple weeks when the leaking started too.