Green and Frugal Tip: Recycling Ink Cartridges

I don't know about you, but I go through a decent amount of ink because of all of the coupons I print. When I am done with the ink cartridges I take them to Office Depot, where I get a $3 credit per cartridge recycled. It's part of their Worklife Rewards program, which is free to sign up for. At the end of the quarter, they will mail you a rewards card to spend at Office Depot stores or online. I love getting rewarded for recycling and since printer ink is pretty expensive it's nice to ease that cost a little too! It just got a card in the mail for $23 today!

Find out more about the program here: Office Depot Worklife Rewards

Are there any other stores that offer this type of reward?

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  1. Cool! Hubby just removed an old ink cartridge and I am pretty sure it's still in the trash.