Garden: I will keep this garden alive for a few more months!

This week I've been working on the garden here and there in the mornings, mainly trying to get the tomato vines pruned and cleaned up because they went wild for the last month. It seems like only the little cherry tomatoes are flourishing (and tasting yummy). The other tomatoes were having some problems for awhile, but then I started picking them earlier (thanks to a reader suggestion) and letting them ripen in the house. Now they aren't really growing as much. However, the radishes I planted are taking off and I am guessing will be ready next month. Amazingly the weather has cooled off and it's starting to feel like fall around TN, which means it's time for some fall veggies! I'm considering lettuce, Arugula, and broccoli. Are there any other great fall veggies I should try?

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  1. Yes! Kale! So yummy when fresh from the garden!