Deployment Day #1

We said goodbye this morning... and I'm going to try to do some blogging today for distraction. I can't sit around and cry all weekend, that's for sure. I have to say though, that goodbye felt worse than anything I have ever felt before, so it can only get better from here. Don't let the smile in the photo fool you, I was fighting tears all morning.

In case you're curious, I will be blogging more frequently at my Army Wife For Now blog in the next year, and I will also be posting pictures from my Project 365 (a photo a day during the deployment).


  1. I am sorry. I will add your other blog to my reader.
    I am thinking of you and tell your husband thank you for all that he has done for our country.

  2. Aww...You will be busy with your little one, Michelle. Everything will be alright.