Wow, 10 Months Old!

Jacob is 10 months old today! I feel like I've officially traded in my baby for a little boy, but it's wonderful. Every minute of it.

10 months also means I started cloth diapering full-time 6 months ago! I have to admit that it has been MUCH easier than I expected, and I'm very proud of myself for sticking to it. A few days ago, I asked my husband if he thought I'd keep it up (he thinks I'm all talk, either that or I just have way too many ideas and get distracted, I'm not really sure what he thinks actually) and he said no. He didn't think I would keep cloth diapering, and I guess I surprised him. He surprised me too, because he has actually changed a couple cloth diapers now (non-poop ones that is) which he said he wasn't going to do when this whole thing started. I'm thankful for his support and also thankful that because of my decision to cloth diaper, we've saved about $200 (after the cost of cloth diapers), by not using disposables for the past 6 months. Plus I'm set until potty training, so that's a future savings of at least $840 (I'm guess $60 a month for another 14 months)!

If you are still sitting on the fence about cloth diapers for your little one, I suggest adding 1-2 in a day, it could save you $12+ a month! That's just one reason to cloth diaper, there is a great post on the other benefits and facts at The Girl Is A Mom.

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