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Recently, CSN Stores asked me if I'd like to review a product from one of  their 200+ stores. I've heard many great things about CSN Stores around the blogging community, and I couldn't wait to see what they were all about.

CSN Stores has an incredible selection across their 200+ stores! They carry almost EVERYTHING, including many eco-friendly items. Plus, many of the products available from CSN Stores qualify for free shipping!

While selecting an item to review, I had a little difficulty deciding, because there were way too many items I wanted. Originally my plan was to pick out an item from the selection of home decorating products and housewares. I was especially interested in the wall sconces and the stainless steel cookware. However, when I was browsing the toys I found a few things I've been wanting for Jacob, and like many other moms out there I decided to pick something out for him instead of myself :)

First I selected the fish bowl puzzle and the stop sign puzzle from Melissa & Doug. The puzzles are perfect for his fine motor development because the pieces are easy to pick up, especially with their handy jumbo nobs. Also, with a picture under where each piece goes, it will be helpful when he learns to match the pieces to the right spot in the puzzle. Jacob has been enjoying his puzzles, and I'm sure he likes the cute pictures and bright colors on them too! Personally, I was pleased with the price of each puzzle at CSN Stores, because Melissa & Doug items can be pricey at other stores.

The other item I chose for Jacob is the Chubby Cater pull toy from Wonderworld. This is one of our favorite brands of toys because they use eco-friendly replantable rubberwood, non-toxic water based paint, and the packaging is made from at least 70% recycled paper. Also, they are high-quality and well-made. He loves the set of blocks we already had from Wonderworld, and after a few minutes with his new caterpillar, it quickly became his new favorite toy! The Chubby Cater can be pushed and pulled around the floor and it's parts move and turn. I like that the individual pieces are securely connected by string, so I have less to worry about as he plays.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my experience with CSN Stores. The selection is great, prices are competitive, and shipping is fast. I will certainly be ordering from them again in the future!

Start shopping CSN Stores now!

Disclosure: For review purposes, CSN Stores provided me with a store credit to apply towards my order.  No other compensation was received. This post is based on my own personal opinions and experiences.

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