Garden: Lesson Learned

1) I planted my pumpkin vine too early.
2) Bugs love pumpkins.

This morning I picked the one and only pumpkin growing in the garden. It was ripe and the bugs were already chewing their way inside of it. We've been using eco-friendly bug spray on the vine and it hasn't worked, the pumpkin plant is a haven for every type of garden bug you can imagine... The other plants in the garden are doing fine, bugs aren't treating them like a smorgasbord, for that I am thankful. Since there is still time left to plant a late summer crop, I will be pulling out the vine this weekend and putting something else in the box.
So much for having a homegrown pumpkin for Jacob's 2nd Halloween. I guess this means we'll be carving a Jack-o-lantern in July!

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