Being a mom is hard. Being a mom with Fibromyalgia is harder than I thought.

I'm feeling much better today and I wanted to say thank you to everyone that expressed concern. Yesterday I had the heart monitor taken off and now I'm waiting for the results. I've come to my own conclusion about what might have caused the chest pain and palpitations - my Fibromyalgia.

I was diagnosed at 18 and for a few years it was bad. I was weak, could barely walk, and had intense muscle pain. Then I had a couple good years, where I was able to start running half marathons and compete in triathlons. Well, after I got pregnant and it flared up again, pregnancy mixed with Fibromyalgia was very hard on my body. I gained some strength back at the end and had Jacob almost completely natural, which I am thankful for because I think an epidural would have caused me many troubles. Delivery was easier than I thought, but recovery was awful! I was so weak for a couple months and had intense muscle and nerve pain from the Fibromyalgia that lead me to not be able to keep nursing.

Slowly I've regained some energy, but I'm still hurting most days. I've been eating healthy and exercising (possibly too strenuously), but I still often feel like a truck drove over me. A lot of my friends suggested that it may be stress... yet I didn't feel stressed, my blood pressure was normal, and we've been doing a bunch of fun and relaxing things lately. So I opened my Prescription for Nutritional Healing book (which is AWESOME and I highly recommend!) and scanned the section on Fibromyalgia again. That's when I discovered that palpitations are common with Fibromyalgia and I also noticed that heat/humidity can exacerbate symptoms. It's been HOT in Tennessee lately so that makes sense.

I'm just going to wait on the test results and get myself back on a strict supplement and diet plan, and instead of working out an hour a day, I'm switching to 20 minutes of moderate exercise and I am going to try to nap during Jacob's nap. I am also dropping my challenge of running more half marathons before my 30th birthday. I may not lose the rest of the baby weight as quickly as I would like, but I need to accept that my Fibromyalgia is going to take over and get the best of me if I don't take it easy and get in control again. I'm lucky that my husband had the day off Friday and could watch Jacob while I was at the ER, but with him deploying next month I need to be careful since Jacob needs me to be able to care for him by myself.

So that's an update...
I'm curious if anyone else has experience with Fibromyalgia? I know it's a very common condition, that unfortunately goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, but I'd love to hear other stories!


  1. Sorry to hear you're going through this and I do not have any personal experience. Hopefully your new plan and rest will help.

  2. Take care Michelle.. Everything will be alright soon.