Update: What I learned from traveling with a baby

In May I posted a few items that are very helpful to pack when traveling with a baby. After the most recent trip, I have more items to add to the list:

Taking a chance, I ordered this travel high chair from Amazon before our trip, and it worked wonderfully! Jacob was not thrilled about being strapped into it, but there were many times when I needed a secure option for feeding him and there wasn't a high chair available. It also folds easily into a pouch and takes up little space in your bag.

I usually keep a reusable bag in my purse for running errands, and I'm glad I left it in there for the trip! We don't use a diaper bag because most of the time I can throw a few items I need in my large purse and we're set for a couple hours. Yet when we left the hotel for the entire day I had more items to carry for Jacob than my purse would allow, so I used my reusable bag to carry everything we needed for the day. I have the bag pictured above from Envirosax, and I recommend it because the bag is sturdy, spacious, and compact!

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  1. Great tips!
    I have both those items and LOVE them!