HAPPYBABY: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months

Dr. Robert Sears is one the parenting experts I typically rely on most. A friend gave me a copy of The Baby Bookby Dr. Sears (along with parents William and Martha Sears, and brother James Sears) before my son was born and I'm thankful she did because I've been able to find answers to the majority of my questions in that book. When I heard that Dr. Sears had teamed up with HAPPYBABY to create an organic guide for babies I knew that it was a book I wanted to get!

HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months is a must for all moms! It's formatted in a way that provides helpful information for all "shades of green" moms. If you are new to the green and organic world, you are probably a lighter shade of green, and for that Dr. Sears recommends that you start simply with changes that will have the biggest impact. For example, eliminate BPA, feed your baby organic foods, and use green cleaners.

Cleaning green has become a MAJOR priority in my home in the past several months. One fact I read in the guide is that California published a list of toxins as part of their Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Prop 65) that included 775 chemicals! It's crazy to think how many of those toxins we come in contact with every day. Many of the toxins have been linked to a wide range of health problems including asthma, autism, adverse effects on development, and cancer. Toxins can also linger in your body for years and be passed along to your baby quite awhile after the initial exposure. Plus since babies are much smaller than adults, chemicals tend to show up in a higher concentration in their bodies. 

I like to gather as much information as I can on an issue and make an informed choice, that's why I'm thankful that this guide supports all information with data and facts! It also thoroughly covers breast feeding and nutrition, choosing a BPA free bottle or cup, making your own baby food, recipes, cloth diapering, cleaning green (with recipes!), reuse ideas, sleep, emotional wellbeing, and more! This is truly a great resource for soon to be moms and new moms.

HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months is an AWESOME VALUE too! I ordered my copy from Amazon for $6.80 (reg. $16.99) and it has over $100 worth of coupons in the back! I was thrilled to see a coupon for a free HAPPYBABY product because my son absolutely loves the HAPPYMELTS and HAPPYPUFFS. There's also a coupon for $1 off First Juice, and $2.00 off Seventh Generation Diapers, to name a few. After using a couple of the coupons I've almost paid for the cost of the book!

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