Garden Update

Everything in my garden is growing REALLY well! I'm thankful for all of the rain we've had because the plants stay nice and watered.

The pumpkins seem to be dominating and need to be trimmed back soon. Lesson learned is that I should have planted less seeds in the pumpkin box and I should have allowed them more space in the garden. I honestly didn't expect things to do as well as they have, that's the difference between gardening in Tennessee, and California (where I was always killing plants).

Below is the small mixed box, it has carrots, bell peppers, and basil. I think I am going to try moving it this coming weekend so the pumpkins don't swallow it up!

I ended up replacing the tomato seedlings a month ago with store bought plants because the seedlings were trampled by my dogs while I was gone for a weekend. We picked up some cherry tomato plants at a farmer's market two weeks ago and today I spotted a few tomatoes on the plant that are nearly ripe! The box in front have a couple types of squash, which are also growing well.

I think my dog Orion is proud of the garden because he stands guard around it during the day.


  1. Looks awesome! I wish I had a flat open yard and grass! Ours is very hilly and wooded but I am trying out a hanging tomato plant. Have a good day!