The Complain-Free Day

I don't consider myself much of a complainer. However, I do get frustrated easily and I worry or imagine negative outcomes (mainly related to my husband's deployment). It's easy to get in the habit of being negative, and when others around you are the same way, it becomes a cycle, or even a contest over who has it worst.

In general, I am optimistic, but negative thoughts spread quickly and can take over in seconds, clouding my vision and outlook. Before going down that road today or in the next year, I have decided to consciously make a habit of being positive. Even more specifically, to be content with what I've been dealt now, instead of thinking "things will be better when..." or "I wish that..."

This is a habit that I want to stick before my husband leaves and before everything seems to fall apart (which I hear is frequently the case as soon as the deployment starts). So when I get sick and I'm exhausted, I will think that I'm thankful I'm healthy most of the time. When the car breaks down, I'm thankful we have a car. When I'm eating dinner without my husband, I'm thankful that Jacob is there to keep me company.

Optimism is a learned trait. And the lesson for today is: can I go a day without complaining about something...anything? When a negative thought or idea slips out of my mouth can I catch it and re-frame it positively? Yes, I can do that. (There, I started the day off positive already!)


  1. Awesome post. I need to learn to be more positive and your right, when the car breaks down I should be grateful I have a car etc...

    I just discovered your blog by accident and I like it. :)

  2. Good one... I should learn from you.