What I learned from traveling with a baby

Jacob and I got home last night from our short trip to Oklahoma and we are both pooped. It was fun and I'm glad I got to see my grandma, sister, and nephews, but as I suspected before the trip, traveling solo with a baby is a lot of work! Four flights and two airports later, I've decided that I am thankful I had a few things with me on the trip, which I now consider my little one travel essentials!

1. ERGO Baby Carrier: I opted to skip a small stroller and carry Jacob through the airports in an ERGO Baby carrier instead. I'm soooo glad I did because it was comfortable, easy to get through security with, made it possible to go to the bathroom without someone to hold the baby for me, and I could quickly race across the airport in Dallas to catch my next flight. Out of the various baby items I've purchased, I think the ERGO Baby carrier was one of my best investments! I have the one pictured above and isn't the design is cute!

2. Boon Squirt: I've been wanting to try one of these for a while, and while my sister I stopped at Target during the trip I picked up the Boon Squirt baby food dispensing spoon. It's a less messy way to feed your baby in the airport, or on the plane!

3. Small blanket: With the warmer weather we've been having, I hardly use blankets on the go anymore. Although, having a small blanket on hand while traveling is good for a bunch of reasons: airplanes are cold!, I always end up next to someone that has their light on at night and the blanket covered Jacob so he could sleep, and during our layovers the blanket created a clean play area on the floor. I really like the Tiny Ducky organic cotton blanket because it's soft and folds up nicely without taking up much space in a bag.

4. Little Duck Organics baby snacks: I've been feeding Jacob Little Duck Organics baby snacks for several weeks now and they've saved me in a bunch of situations where he was getting fussy and didn't want a bottle or baby food. They are easy for him to munch on, and keep him busy and happy for a while.

5. Eco-Friendly Disposable Diaper: At home, I haven't used a disposable diaper in weeks and it's going great. Yet, there are times (like this trip) when I need an option that is eco-friendly and hassle-free. My top picks for green disposables are Broody Chick 100% fully compostable diapers, and Gro Baby (now Gro Via) covers and bio soaker pads (also compostable).

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  1. Thanks for this info, I"ll be making my first long trip with my Daughter in July