Using gray water in the garden

It occurred to me early this morning, that I should look into using gray water in my garden. I wash a bunch of my son's bottles, cups, and bowls everyday, so if I switch to washing them in a tub it would be easy to take the leftover water out to my garden.

I'm not concerned about dish soap getting into the vegetables since I use only natural and biodegradable soaps, and there's probably a larger amount of soap left on dishes and glasses I wash than would ever get into the plants. Should I be concerned about anything killing the plants or ruining the soil?

Something else I'm going to check into is making a rain water collection system, which sounds like it'd be a great idea since we get a lot of rain in Tennessee!

Does anyone have experience using their gray water? Or know of helpful resources?


  1. We actually used the water from our washer, we just extended the pipe that leads to the drain and ran it out to our garden. We didnt have any problems growing our vegtables everything came out as it should, I read about a woman who had a whole bunch of empty gallons, and what she did in the kitchen was un hooked her drain and let the water drain into the gallons to take to her garden. And collecting rain water is super easy (I garden alot if you cant tell! You can go out and get a big plastic garbage can and lid, and cut a hole in the lid that fits your gutter (you might have to shorten it) but all the water goes from your roof directly into the holding container and from there you can scoop it out! Hope this helps! Kayleigh

  2. I never thought of using my grey water for that, but its a brilliant idea, I'm off to buy a washtub today!

  3. Thanks for the feedback ladies! I hadn't thought of using our existing gutter system for the rainwater collection because I don't know that my husband would want me to cut the pipe shorter, but I doubt it'd be that hard to replace later on when we sell our house so maybe I can convince him.