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In case you didn’t know, May is National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month! So this is a perfect time to for me to talk about sunscreen.

In the past I’ve been pretty good about applying sunscreen, yet I admit that there was a time I used to lay out and tan (big no-no). However, after my sister found out she had Melanoma a few years ago, I became more serious about not only sunscreen, but also about limiting my sun exposure overall. With my son, if we are going to be outside any longer than a couple minutes, I make sure that he is covered in sunscreen as well. I’m picky though; not just any sunscreen will do. I want a formula that is free of harmful ingredients so that I could feel confident that I am not only protecting my son from UV rays, but that I’m also limiting his exposure to other toxins at the same time.

I’d heard great things about Supergoop! and knew that this was a product I wanted to try. The updated Supergoop! Plus! formula was created in conjunction with Healthy Child Healthy World to remove all possible carcinogens and endocrine disruptors. All of the ingredients are toxin-free, including possible carcinogens such as oxybenzone and paraben endocrine disruptors. Supergoop! is also free of sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes, fragrances, propylene glycol, nano-particles, and padimate 0. As a result, Supergoop! is so awesome that they were awarded the Gold Triangle Award for Excellence in Sun Safety by the American Academy of Dermatology!

Supergoop! Generously sent me their SPF 30+ Everyday UV Protection Spray to try out. I immediately liked the spray applicator form of Supergoop!, which sprays out as lotion. Typically I think liquid sun protection is messy, greasy, and wasteful (since it seems to take a lot of sprays to get the coverage I want). The Supergoop! bottle sprays out a good amount of lotion which rubs in easily without leaving behind a greasy residue. I’ve found that it is also very water and sweat resistant like they claim, which is great for extended protection.

The Supergoop! SPF 30+ Everyday UV Protection Spray has seamlessly been incorporated into our daily routine, since it’s easy to use, safe (for all skin types and for ages 4 months and up), and effective. Plus Supergoop! offers their UV protection products in so many different forms Swipes, lotion, spray, and pocket stick, so it’s convenient for ANYONE to use!

Sun protection is something I’m passionate about and I appreciate that Supergoop! is as well (check out their blog too!)

Buy It: You can purchase Supergoop! products here.

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