Recycled Art: Candle Holder

I put together this candle holder/chandelier from a tomato basket, wire, and homemade candles using empty baby food jars. The plan was for it to hang on our patio, but I think it doesn't look too bad on the table :)

Step #1 Start with the tomato basket. Using wire cutters, snip off the wire connecting the largest ring to the middle ring of the tomato basket, so that only 3 rings remain.
Step #2 Bend the wire at the base of the tomato basket (now the top of the candle holder) into a loop

Step #3 If you like, you can wrap a piece of small wire around the pieces of the basket wire twisted into a loop
Step #4 Make your candles. I used natural soy wax and heated it on the stove (follow the directions on the wax you buy). Once the wax melts, pour into baby food jars and add wicks.

Step #5 Allow the wax to cool, so the jars are no longer hot to touch.

Step #6 Cut two pieces of wire for each candle, and twist on the sides of the jar.

Step #7 Twist the wire into a loop to attach to the tomato basket. With extra wires you can get creative.

Step #8 Attach all of the candles, and you are done!


  1. I love it! I am totoally going to try to make it. Although I am sure it will look nothing like yours when I am done with it. LOL.

  2. This is very creative! Where are you going to hang it?