Gray Water Collection Begins Today!

Today I was able to pick up the perfect sized tub for my sink and I started collecting gray water for my garden after rinsing my son's cups and bowls. Then it occurred to me to collect the water from rinsing my fruits and veggies (organic only) and hand rinsing, because I frequently wash and rinse my hands when cooking. I easily collected enough gray water for my entire garden within a few short minutes. Which is crazy when I think about all of the potentially useful water that was being wasted up until now!

Since we alternate between sunny and hot days and pouring rain days. I've decided that on rainy days I will  collect the gray water in large buckets on the patio for when it's needed (and until I start rain water collection).

The amount of money I save using gray water is minimal (we only pay about $.004 per gallon) however it will help me be less wasteful with my water usage. It also helps me to gain a little more awareness of how much water I'm using by watching as it collects in containers!

1 comment:

  1. what a great idea!! i may start doing this. it'll encourage me to actually water our plants, since i find myself often forgetting. haha :)