Want to Test Products?

There are several websites I'm signed up with that frequently send me samples and full-size products to test. Along with the samples there are high-value coupons for you to keep and pass along to friends and family. The idea behind it is word-of-mouth marketing: if you try something and like it then you will spread the word. What this means for you is great FREEBIES!

The three sites I recommend are:

It only takes a couple minutes to sign up at each site, then watch your inbox and mailbox for new test opportunities!

Examples of some products I've received include:
Full size bottle of Pantene Shampoo (came in the mail yesterday from Vocalpoint)
Kashi cereal sample with a coupon for a free box
Olay Pro-x cream (full size container with high value coupons)
L'Oreal Lash Boosting Serum and Mascara (full-size)
deodorant sample (travel size)

Another way to get products to test is by doing surveys, see my post HERE for a list of survey websites.

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