Product Review: Breville Juice Fountain Plus

I love fresh juice! It’s so Yummy! This year I plan to get a juicer so I can give my baby fresh and organic juice. Recently I was talking to my mother about juicers and she gave me an informal review of the one she’s been using for years. My mother loves the Breville Juice Fountain Plus so much I figured I might as well share her review with my readers in case you too are in the market for a good juicer.

Some background info: My mother is an avid juicer, and has been for at least eight years. On a daily basis she juices 10 lbs of carrots (yes, you read that right). After burning out the motor on numerous other juicer brands and models, she finally gave the Breville Juice Fountain Plus a try. Now after over five years of using the Breville Juice Fountain Plus she wouldn’t imagine trying anything else.

Frugal benefit: Juicing at home can save you A LOT of money, not to mention the incredible health benefits fresh juice offers.

What’s good about this juicer:
  • Large opening to feed the fruits and vegetables into
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble the components
  • Filter collects pulp without becoming clogged
  • Sharp and efficient blade
  • Gets the maximum amount of juice from the ingredients

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  1. We have the Power Juicer. And I dapple here and there with it. I actually use it mostly in the summer time when I make my jellies. It works great for de-seeding berries, or making peach, apple, plum, jelly with no pulp. Just this morning I made a pear and spinach juice. ANyway- the whole point to this comment was- Can you juice and then put it in the fridge? I thought it starts to loose it's nutrients as soon as you juice it so it's best if you juice what you plan to drink right then. Like I said, I am new to juicing even though we have owned our juicer for over 5 years. Got any recommendations on books, recipes, etc??? Thanks for the post. :)

  2. Hmmm, good question, I think I will have to look into it more because I don't know how the juice changes when refrigerated. Usually my mom will drink whatever she makes within a day or two, and she stores it in the fridge in glass jars to get a tight seal. I'm new to juicing as well because I've only used the juicer when I was at my parent's house. We make a carrot, apple, celery juice. I'm going to poke around amazon to see if I can find any good books.