Cash for Clunkers: The Appliance Version (Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Programs)

The government is getting ready to roll out a new version of "Cash for Clunkers." This time, the focus is on energy efficient appliances for your home. Each participating state has been approved with a pre-determined budget. Once the budget is capped, the program will be over in that state.

The idea is that when you replace an appliance listed for your state with an approved energy efficient version, you can apply for and receive a rebate (the amount will vary depending on what state you live in and what you buy).

You can head over to the US Department of Energy's site, find your state, and browse the list of Approved Energy Efficient Rebate Programs.


  1. of course we get this RIGHT after we bought a new HVAC system, water heather, and washer and dryer! :(

  2. That's a bummer! I didn't thoroughly read how it works, can you still get a rebate though since you bought new appliances? Did you get energy efficient ones?

  3. yea everything was energy efficient! im going to contact them on monday and see if I can still get it since it was less than 30 days ago. Hopefully they will be like walmart and let you do that :)