Swagbucks 2nd Birthday on 2/25!

I finished reading the Swagbucks newsletter right now and I'm excited because on February 25th Swagbucks will be celebrating it's 2nd birthday, and what this means for us is LOTS of opportunities to earn Swagbucks that day! It said in the newsletter that last year they offered 7 swagcodes (released throughout the day in places like the blog or toolbar), but this year  there will be: 

New look home page and Swag Store + more ways to earn SBs every day

New images of the Swag Guy, Swag Gal, and all Swag Buck bills
New fully-stocked Swagstakes Portal
Mega SB code hunts, and one very...very...big surprise

Mark your calendar!  If you haven't started using Swagbucks sign up now ! It's so easy to earn 3-5 swag bucks a day or more simply by using the site as a search engine, on top of that there is usually a bonus swagcode nearly every day!  Also if you join through my link, that gets you 5 entries in my Amazon gift card giveaway!

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