Review: Weleda Calendula Lotion

This winter my entire family has been struggling with dry skin. My poor 5 month old has extremely dry skin on his face and scalp. So far I haven't been successful in finding a product that will keep him from flaking and itching, and I've tried quite a few "baby lotions." Yet, I'd heard many positive things about Weleda products, so I decided to give the Calendula Lotion a couple days ago.

After 2 days of applying the lotion to his scalp (2 applications total!), my baby's flakes cleared up and the itching stopped! Miracle? Probably not. However, I'm amazed! It's given me piece of mind because he was scratching his scalp in his sleep until it bled, and he figured out a way to sneak out of every attempt I made to cover his hands.

What I really like about the Calendula Lotion:
- It is 100% Certified Natural
- It smells wonderful! (Side note: Your sense of smell has a very strong connection to memory. Using the lotion on myself reminded me of a visit to the day spa, and considering that outside my front door is half a foot of snow, I'd pay more than the $11.99 the Calendula lotion cost at Target any day if it makes me feel like I'm basking in the sun at the spa!)
- Quick absorbing, but not so quick that a few minutes after application you can't remember if you even put on lotion or not

What I didn't like:
- It comes out of the bottle a little runny, however, there are a couple kinds of oil in the lotion so that can probably be expected
- No other complaints, I LOVE IT!

Disclosure: I was not asked by the company to write this review, nor was I compensated in any way. I purchased the product myself and these are my honest opinions!

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