Review: Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit

I decided during pregnancy that when the time came I was going to make my son's baby food. Wow, does time fly quickly, because within the past month, he already started eating solids. So I was thrilled when I won the Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Food Kit from Familylicious Reviews & Giveaways several weeks ago! This kit is literally the dummy-proof solution for people that want to make baby food but have no idea where to start.

From the Fresh Baby website:
So Easy Baby Food Kit includes -
Cookbook: covers introducing solid food, includes over 40 recipes, hundreds of serving suggestions, and is all organized by age. (Hardcover, 118 pages).
Freezer trays: designed for storing baby food in pre-portioned one ounce servings to simplify meal time and reduce waste. (2 trays and 2 lids, spill-proof, stackable, dishwasher-safe).
How-to DVD: offers step-by-step instruction - from selecting the right produce - to making baby food - to serving it.
Nutrition tips card: gives you tips on the best sources of nutrients, introducing foods by age, first aid for choking, and more. (Waterproof Finish)

The recipe book gives step by step directions as well as suggestions for mixing ingredients. I tested out the So Easy Baby Food Kit with Acorn Squash first. It was very easy (only a couple quick steps) and I'm excited because I learned from sampling the baby food that I REALLY LIKE acorn squash! Yummy! Next I'm making butternut squash!

Now I'm more of a cookbook kind of girl than a cooking show girl, but in the interest of this review I tested out the DVD as well. For the visual learners out there, this is where you will want to start with the So Easy Baby Food Kit! The DVD covers the basics of starting solids foods, walks you through making apples and sweet potatoes, freezing the cubes, mealtime prep and taking meals on the go, and mixing medleys.

In the 3 pictures above, you can see the quick and easy steps I took when making the acorn squash baby food: chop, steam in the microwave, puree, and freeze.

What I enjoyed best about making the baby food is that I know exactly what went in it: squash and water, nothing else! No fillers, sugar, or preservatives! However, the savings part is awesome too! The acorn squash cost me $1.50 and made 24 1oz servings instead of the $8+ it would have cost to buy jars of Earth's Best baby food (my favorite brand).

For more information about the kit please visit the Fresh Baby website.

Disclosure: I was not asked by the company to write this review, nor was I compensated in any way. I won the product in a giveaway and these are my honest opinions!

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