Online Shopping: Get the best deals!

Here are a few tips I've learned for shopping online:

1. Get money back
Many people pay for purchases with a credit or debit card that gives them rewards for their purchases, but why not double dip on rewards and also go through a website that gives you a rebate for shopping at linked online retailers? My favorites are Mypoints.com, Shopathome.com, Mr. Rebates, and Ebates.

2. Let it sit in your cart
A few times I have put an item in my online shopping cart and either forgot about it or purposely "forgot" about it and the company sent me an email the next day reminding me about the item and offering me 10% or more off my order! Amazon.com will tell you when the price goes down on an item that you leave in your shopping cart. I often add something then click "save for later" once it's in the cart, and wait for the price to go down a little.

3. Shop the sites with great discounts
My all-around favorite is Amazon.com, because of the prime shipping and being able to pay with my Swagbucks. However, a few others I like are 6pm.com (cheap shoes and clothes!), Kohls.com (they are always having sales), oldnavy.com, Victoriassecret.com , and diapers.com (enter "CheapCreat" to save $10 on your order!).

4. Find a coupon or discount code
Before I buy anything online I do a search for a coupon code to see what discounts are available. One site that I've had the best success with is Retailmenot.com .

Got any other tips?

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