New Feature: Organic Baby

I'm proud to introduce a new feature where I highlight a couple organic companies each month, especially ones that offer baby products, as well as tips and tutorials for DIY projects.

Shortly after learning I was pregnant about this time last year, I established a few goals:
1. I want to do my best to provide my child with cloth and wood toys instead of plastic
2. I want to incorporate cloth diapers and chlorine-free disposables (like Seventh Generation) into my routine
3. I want to get as many hand-me-downs and 2nd hand items as possible (clothes, furniture, etc.)
4. I want to make my own baby food
5. and I want to do all this on a frugal budget!

So far, I've done a pretty good job on the toy part, and an okay job with the cloth diapers by using them 25-50% of the time. However, with my Miracle Diapers on the way, I hope to step that up a bit. I've had good luck with Seventh Generation and Earth's Best diapers, and I've had awesome success on finding hand-me-downs thanks to friends and craigslist! Next step is baby food, which my little guy will be ready for in a month or two.

I realize the organic thing isn't for everyone, but for those of you that are interested, I hope you enjoy this feature and please feel free to suggest companies and ideas to me! Thanks :)

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