I'm taking the day off!

Today (Wednesday) is a special day to me because my little boy is four months old! It's true that it went by very fast, but now that he is in my life I can't imagine life without him or really remember life before him (I'm told that is also hormone-induced mom spaciness). So I'm going to spend the day mainly focused on him... but I also have another important task today and that is to tell my Dad how thankful I am for who he is and everything he does, because today is my Dad's 65th birthday! My Dad doesn't like birthdays and for several years he has tried to avoid them, but not this time. I think he needs to be acknowledged, and even though I live over 2000 miles away now, I'm going to do the best I can.

I'll be back with more great deals on Thursday, and while you wait please remember to enter the GIVEAWAY I posted a couple days ago.


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