I try my best not to complain...

I don't like to complain, but I also believe that companies should make good on offers and provide excellent customer service! Back in November, there was a deal with 1-800-Flowers where if you signed up for the Fresh Rewards program and entered 10 dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc) in the calendar they would give you a $40 credit! I jumped on this offer because that's an incredible deal. So December rolls around and other people are posting on their blogs about receiving their credits and all of the wonderful flowers and gifts they've subsequently been able to get for free...and I'm still without credit. I decide to send an email to 1-800-Flowers and they tell me to wait until after the beginning of the year because of all of the credits they need to issue. I wait... still nothing, so I email again. This time my email bounced around to three different people and the final answer I was given is that I had to enter 20 dates and I would receive a coupon for my next order. Hmmm... Well, after hearing this I decided to call them out on not coming through on an offer they promoted and for giving me the run around. I was polite, but I made it clear how disappointed I was! Then the next day I get a $40 gift certificate code in my email!

Lesson learned for me: don't be afraid to speak up! Companies offer promotions to gain new customers and retain existing ones. If they are going to be effective in gaining or keeping me as a customer, I'd like them to offer good customer service, and to fix something that isn't right. I'm very happy in this situation 1-800-Flowers finally did just that :)

So here's what I got:

Rose plant $34.99 + $12.99 Shipping
= $47.98
- $40 credit (plus I went through Shop at Home to get a 10% rebate)
= $4.49 Total cost after rebate!


  1. Beautiful rose plant!! Well done.

  2. Beautiful rose plant! Well done..