Creative Project: Dead Owl Felt Toy

One of my side projects that I haven't been dedicating much time to lately is "baby by Michelle Elise." I mostly crochet baby blankets, sew burp cloths, or make felt creatures.

I was messing around tonight with my new sewing machine and decided to make a felt toy for my baby. It was not originally going to be a dead owl, but when I got to the pupils I sewed X's because I didn't want to put a button on (small parts = bad), but I think it's kinda cute :)

Here's the pattern:

You need a few colors of felt - I used White, dark brown, medium brown, gray, and burgundy
black thread (or whatever color you like)
polyfil stuffing

1. Cut out the pieces from the felt. The body requires a front and back piece (that part is stuffed).
2. Sew the belly, beak, and eyes to the top piece of the body.
3. Sandwich a little stuffing between the top and bottom body pieces. Pin the two feet in place between the two body pieces.
4. Sew around the edge of the body pieces, catching the feet with the stitch.
5. If you want, sew a criss-cross pattern across the belly. I chose to sew it last so that it went through both body layers because it makes a flat area with some texture, and then the stuffing in the top part of the body is squishy. I thought the varied textures might be more interesting for a baby.

After finishing, I got another idea... what about 3 or 4 of these for a mobile? Hmmm, maybe tomorrow night!

If you want I can email the full size pattern, it's a PDF file. Just leave a comment below or email me at cheapandcreative@gmail.com
Please only use this pattern for personal use. Thanks!


  1. cute!
    wish I had a sewing machine..