My new coupon organizer!

On Saturday I got my quarterly credit in the mail for recycling ink cartridges and making purchases at Office Depot. It was almost $17! So my sister and I headed over to see what I could get to help organize some of my coupon mess and look what I found for only $9.99!

I'm guessing it's about 10" wide by 8" tall, so much roomier than the plastic coupon holder I was carrying in my purse (which was overflowing). My husband said he couldn't believe I was going to carry it to the store when I went shopping. I say why not? It's cute and I have a much easier time finding the coupons I need.

By the way, if you didn't know about Office Depot's Worklife Rewards program, check it out HERE. I get $3 per cartridge I recycle. With all the ink I use printing coupons online, it's nice to get a little reward back!

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