My challenge for the new year!

After adding up my survey totals yesterday I realized that I want to set a goal for myself in 2010, and that goal is to make $5 a day! If I reach this goal I will make over $1800 for the year (a few free days in there for holidays). Then, I'm also adding a second part to the goal: to save $1500+ using coupons and rebates (on average I save $30+ each time I buy groceries). If I were to add up the value of all of the free products I get from samples, giveaways, and product testing, I'm sure the savings would be closer to $2000!

Here's how I'm going to do it:
1. Swagbucks
2. Surveys
3. Start trying to find mystery shopping opportunites
4. Buy "money-maker" items (ex: free after rebate combined with a coupon at purchase)
5. Clean out my closet and sell online (ex: craigslist or half.com)
6. Odd jobs and photography
7. Any suggestions???

Ultimately I want to "make" my family over $3300 as a stay-home-mom in this next year. I'm pretty confident it can be done. I'll post a monthly update to show my progress.

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