Earning money online: My 6 month summary

Well I've hit about the 6 month point from when I first started doing surveys online and using SwagBucks. The best part is that I've found that the more surveys I complete, the more offers I get, so I think in another 6 months it's possible my totals could be double what I have below!

305 swagbucks earned (~$33.80), 225 cashed out for $25 in Amazon.com gift cards

$4.19 via PayPal (before PayPal transaction fee which is $.01 per deposit)
(earn money for viewing ads and websites, deposited to your paypal account weekly)

Survey Sites-

1. American Consumer Opinion:I joined a couple days ago, so nothing yet

2. Inbox Dollars:
$10.22, $30 needed to cash out

3. Lightspeed:
3576 points (or ~$32.50), 3300 cashed out for $30 in Amazon.com gift cards

4. MySurvey.com:
 905 points (or $9.05), 1000 needed to cash out for $10 check

5. Opinion Outpost:
133 points cashed out for $13.30 in Amazon.com credit (you can also request a check)

6. Pinecone Research:
$42 (in $3/per survey checks by mail)
* This is an invite only site, next time another recruitment goes out I will be sure to share the link

7. Survey Head:
$8 earned, $25 needed to cash out

8. SurveySavvy:
$4 not yet cashed out

9. Toluna.com:
41025 points earned (or ~$13.68), 60000 needed to cash out for $20 check

Earnings Grand Total: ~$170.74
Cashed Out Grand Total: $114.49 ($68.30 Amazon.com credit and $46.19 cash/PayPal)

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