I'm so proud!

I'm proud of what I have inspired my friend Cricket to do with her coupons and deal finding skills! Here's what she was able to get at Target this past week for nearly free:

This is from her blog...

"So I head to check out... it all gets scanned in my total is: $12.25
If you know Aveeno you know that crap is like $4 something bleh!  so thats a good chunk of that amount haha but I love the stuff!
Anyway, I used 9 coupons. A manufactures coupon teamed up with a Target coupon each for $1 off of Aveeno, A manufactures coupon teamed up with a Target coupon each for $1 off any Johnsons bath product, 3 Target coupons for $1 off any Gerber feeding accessory, A manufactures coupon for $1 off of any Cheerios product, And a manufactures coupon for $1 off any size Vaseline Aloe Fresh.
So.. I got the baby bottles that were .99 each (paid nothing got each free with coupon)
Got a travel size Vaseline that was what .89 or something (paid nothing got it free with coupon)
Got a cup Cheerios thats like .99 (paid nothing got it free with coupon)
A Johnsons baby wash that was $2.24 (paid .24 with both coupons)
And my beloved Aveeno which was $4.54 (expensive but so worth it) (paid $2.54 with both coupons)With taxes I paid: $3.25 saving $9.00 off the total that was $12.25 I know I mostly paid for that damn Aveeno leave me be!"

On another outing, Cricket got these items for FREE!:

This is just an example what you can get when you combine Target coupons and manufacturer's coupons. Always remember that if the coupon doesn't specify a size on it you should be able to use it on travel size and single serving items. Sometimes you get a cashier that doesn't want to take the coupon, if so don't get the item and hang on to that coupon. Target's company policy is to accept the coupon, and I've seen posts on other blogs about contacting Guest Relations if you have any trouble. I will get that number for everyone ASAP!

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