Got too many freebies? Make a Care Package!

I confess, I've become a little obsessed with collecting freebies lately... and I decided that I don't need to hang on to all of them, especially since each week I keep getting more. So I made a few phone calls and found a domestic violence shelter in the area that accepts donations of "care packages" for their clients. I'm sharing this as an idea in case you also have noticed your stash getting a little full and would like to do something to brighten someone's day.

Here's a sample of a care package I put together at little cost (mostly freebies):

Vitamin Shampoo FREE (after Register Reward at Walgreens)
Vaseline lotion $1.67 (after coupons at Walgreens)
Skintimate shaving gel $.47 (after coupon at Target)
Razors FREE (part of a pack that I got free on sale + coupon at Kroger)
Reach toothbrushes $.59 (clearance + coupon at Walgreens)
Colgate $.50 (after coupon at Rite Aid)
Lady Speed Stick $.50 (after coupon at Kroger)
CoverGirl lip balm $.42 (after coupon at Kroger)
CoverGirl eyeshadows FREE (after coupon at Kroger)
NYC nail polish $.99 (on sale at Rite Aid)
LA Cross nail buff board FREE (after coupon at Walgreens)
Clean & Clear face wash FREE (after coupon at Target)
Tide travel size FREE (after coupon at Target)
All travel size FREE (after coupon at Target)
Carefree sample FREE (arrived in the mail)
John Frieda sample FREE (arrived in the mail)

Total spent: $5.14
Okay, it wasn't exactly free, but certainly worth every penny!

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