Get cash back when you shop online!

If you are going to make a purchase online, it's always a good idea to see if you can earn points or a rebate for your purchase. I can personally endorse these sites because I know they work:

Mr. Rebates
When you sign up for Mr. Rebates, you will automatically get a $5 credit

MyPoints - I've earned almost $200 worth of gift cards through MyPoints since I joined in 1999!

Search & Win


Starbucks: Free Drink on Your Birthday!

If you have a Starbucks Gift Card, you will want to register it here and make sure to enter your birthday. By doing so, they will send you a coupon for a free drink on your birthday!

Thank you The $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge for this deal!


Another way to earn Amazon gift cards!

I love earning gift cards online and I'm excited because I found another website like SwagBucks! It's called iRazoo and the way it works is you search like swagbucks, but after viewing a site you click at the top whether you would recommend the site or not. You earn 4 points this way and more for leaving comments. You can earn up to 300 per day, and a $5 Amazon card is 3000 point, so in about 10+ days you can earn a gift card! Check it out:




If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, you need to! It's easy to earn points, just set it as your homepage and use Swagbucks to search instead of Google, you'll be earning prizes or gift cards in no time. I recently cashed in my points for a $5 Amazon gift card and a couple weeks later, I almost have enough points for another card.

Search & Win


Free Book from Leap Frog

I signed up for this offer a few weeks ago and my book came today! You don't have to have actually purchased a Leap Frog product, just fill out the survey as if you had.

Sign up for your FREE board book HERE!


Homemade Decor for a Baby Nursery

Making your own decor for a baby nursery is much cheaper than buying pre-made decor!!! Watch out for coupons and sales at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, at these stores, you can also find some pre-painted wood figures or letters to use as inspiration or to put together a name decor piece. The other day I noticed Michael's has name train letters (unpainted) for $.99 each! In the clearance section I found a wood alphabet puzzle (unpainted) for $.87!

While my sister visited last week we painted a couple wall pieces for my baby's nursery. Here's how they turned out:

Thanks Kat for painting more than me! :)

Got too many freebies? Make a Care Package!

I confess, I've become a little obsessed with collecting freebies lately... and I decided that I don't need to hang on to all of them, especially since each week I keep getting more. So I made a few phone calls and found a domestic violence shelter in the area that accepts donations of "care packages" for their clients. I'm sharing this as an idea in case you also have noticed your stash getting a little full and would like to do something to brighten someone's day.

Here's a sample of a care package I put together at little cost (mostly freebies):

Vitamin Shampoo FREE (after Register Reward at Walgreens)
Vaseline lotion $1.67 (after coupons at Walgreens)
Skintimate shaving gel $.47 (after coupon at Target)
Razors FREE (part of a pack that I got free on sale + coupon at Kroger)
Reach toothbrushes $.59 (clearance + coupon at Walgreens)
Colgate $.50 (after coupon at Rite Aid)
Lady Speed Stick $.50 (after coupon at Kroger)
CoverGirl lip balm $.42 (after coupon at Kroger)
CoverGirl eyeshadows FREE (after coupon at Kroger)
NYC nail polish $.99 (on sale at Rite Aid)
LA Cross nail buff board FREE (after coupon at Walgreens)
Clean & Clear face wash FREE (after coupon at Target)
Tide travel size FREE (after coupon at Target)
All travel size FREE (after coupon at Target)
Carefree sample FREE (arrived in the mail)
John Frieda sample FREE (arrived in the mail)

Total spent: $5.14
Okay, it wasn't exactly free, but certainly worth every penny!

FREE Sample: Burt's Bees Acne Treatment

I'm hoping this sample will be available soon, the site says 8/10 so we'll see...

Go to the Burt’s Bees web site to get a FREE Sample of the new Targeted Spot Acne Treatment.
Thanks The Freebie Blogger for posting this!

Huggies Diaper Deal at Kroger

Kroger sells Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers for $9.77 reg and you can use the $3 off printable coupon from Coupons.com AND the $1.50 off electronic coupon that you load on your grocery card at Shortcuts.com making each package $4.77!

Rite Aid Deals 8/9-8/15

There are a bunch of deals at Rite Aid this week, for a list and link to the $5 off $25 coupon, visit: The Krazy Coupon Lady or Deal Seeking Mom

I'm pretty stocked up right now, so I chose a few items that were free or almost free:

Bic Soleil razor $5.99 on sale - $2 single check rebate (SCR) - $3 coupon from 8/9 newspaper = $.99
NYC eyeliner $1.99 - $1 Rite Aid in-ad coupon - $1 coupon from August All You magazine = FREE
Colgate Total 2/$6 on sale - $3/2 Rite Aid in-ad coupon - 2 $1 coupons from 8/9 newspaper = 2/$1

Lots of makeup on clearance at Rite Aid!

I stopped by Rite Aid this morning and discovered that right now there are a lot of Sally Hansen, L'oreal, and Cover Girl items on clearance for 75% off! I combined the clearance prices with coupons from last week's newspaper to get an awesome deal! Here's the details:


Color Juice lip balm $9.50 reg - 75% off = $2.37 - $1 off lip color coupon = $1.37
Quickstick foundation $14.95 reg - 75% off = $3.73 - $2 off makeup/foundation coupon = $1.73
Endless Platinum lipstick $9.99 reg - 75% off = $2.49 - $1 lip color coupon = $1.49

Total= $4.59 paid for $34.44 reg price

Sally Hansen:

2 Natural Shine Instant Nail Finish $6.39 reg - 75% off = $1.59 - 2 $1 nail treatment coupon = $.59 x 2
Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps $5.29 reg - 75% = $1.32- $1 nail treatment coupon = $.32
2 Maximum Growth nail polish $4.49 reg - 75% = $1.12 - 2 $1 nail polish coupon = $.12 x 2
No Chip 10 Day Color nail polish $4.69 reg - 75% = $1.17 - $1 nail polish coupon = $.17

Total= $1.91 paid for $31.74 reg price

GRAND TOTAL= $6.50 paid with a total savings of $59.68!

*I listed the clearance prices before coupons so you can see that you can still get some great deals even if you don't have the coupons to match up with clearance prices.