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Where to get coupons

If you are new to collecting coupons, here are some links you should know:

1. Organic Grocery Deals Coupon Generator - Target Coupons
2. Smart Source
3. Coupons.com
4. Red Plum

Spend a little a get a lot of great coupons:

1. Sunday paper
2. All You magazine (available at Walmart)

Also check out the list of blogs I have on the right side of this page, I get my great deals from these sites and others!


Pampers Gifts to Grow NEW CODE!

Here is a new Pampers Gifts to Grow code for you to enter (it is worth 1 point):


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What I'm saving my Swagbucks for...

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Sophie is made from 100% natural rubber, which means BPA and Phthalate Free, and the paint is non-toxic food-based!

If you are new to Swagbucks, the way it works is that you earn swagbucks for shopping online and using the site as a search engine. It only takes 45 swagbucks for a $5 gift card to Amazon, and if you search a couple times a day then you can earn the giftcard in no time!

DIY: Make your own hand lotion!

I'm going to file this one away for Christmas gifts, but in case you feel inspired now here's a recipe for making your own lotion:

A Sonoma Garden

Thanks Mama Cheaps for sharing this!


YouData: Earn money for looking at ads and websites

Sell your attention!
YouData will pay you to look at online ads, all you have to do is sign up HERE
You won't earn a lot, but if you have some time to kill then why not? I found out about a cool website that sells fair trade items on YouData too :)


Angel Food Ministries

Do you know someone that could use a little help with the cost of groceries? Pass along this link...
Angel Food Ministries is nationwide and may have a pickup site near you!


Organic Coupon Book

Get a coupon book full of healthy and organic deals!
Sign up here: http://www.mambosprouts.com/sign-up.php


Monday Morning Freebie Hunt

Stop #1 Walmart

*2 Softsoap liquid handsoap $.97 each, but FREE after coupons
Print out up to 2 coupons good for $1 off of Softsoap (enter zipcode 45435)

Thank you Saving with Shellie for this deal (http://www.savingwithshellie.com)

*1 Dawn dishwashing soap on sale for $1 - $.25 off coupon (7/5 newspaper) = $.75

*1 Chiquita apple and grape snack pack $.98 - freebie coupon = FREE

*1 Irish Spring Body Wash $3 - $2 off coupon = $1
go to www.coupons.com and enter zip code "45435"

*3 Nestle Pure Life Water 6 pack for $1 - 2 $1 coupons and 1 $.50 coupon (newspaper) = $.50!
print 2 coupons here: http://www.everydayeating.com/SpecialOffers/Default.aspx

*1 French's mustard $1.24 - $.50 coupon (newspaper) = $.74

*2 Kotex liner packs $1 each - $1 coupons = FREE

Total Spent = $2.99 for $13.16 worth of merchandise

Stop #2 Target

*2 Honey Nut Cheerios single serving cups $1 - 2 $1 coupons = FREE

*1 Pledge Fabric Sweeper for pet hair $3.99 (on sale) - $1 coupon (from previous pledge purchase) = $2.99

*1 Electrasol Gel pack $3.49 (on sale, reg $6.69) - $2.50 coupon (newspaper) = $.99

*1 Febreze scented oil warmer $5.04 (on sale, reg $8+) - $4 coupon (newspaper) = $1.04

*10 Sobe Lifewaters 10/$10 - $5 giftcard = $.50 each

*1 Chex bars $2.30 (on sale) - $.60 coupon = $1.70

*1 True North Almond Cluster snack $2.54 - $1 coupon (June All You magazine) - full mail-in rebate = FREE

*1 box of EAS Myoplex bars (4 pack) $6.69 - $3.89 coupon = $2.80

*1 Softsoap body wash $3.22 (clearance) - $1 peelie coupon I saw on shaving cream = $2.22
or you can use $2 off coupon from www.coupons.com (I wish I had two of those with me today!)

Total Spent= $16.74 (after rebate and gift card) for ~$48.56 worth of merchandise