Fuzzy Baby Blanket!

I really love Red Heart Baby Clouds yarn! So soft and fuzzy!
Here is the baby blanket I just finished, it is 34" square inches.
I'm going to be making some more to sell on etsy.com, if you want one let me know :)



One of my classmates gave me a bag of baby boy clothes the other night, and to my surprise I found a couple gDiapers in the bag! I was very excited about this because my goal is to use cloth diapers at least 75% of the time. I am planning to use the bumgenius diapers and homemade cloth diapers. BUT when I learned about the gDiaper, I think I solved another issue, and that is getting my husband to go along with the whole cloth thing. He said he didn't want to deal with cleaning the poopie diapers, so that meant I have to do all of the changing or he is using disposable diapers. However, I am almost positive that he will agree to the gDiaper because of the flushable earth-friendly insert! We both win!

Check it out: