Find things for FREE!

I recently joined my local chapter of freecycle.org (think craigslist, but everything is FREE!) and there are daily posts from people that live near me of various things they would like to give away for free. Also, as a member, you are allowed one wanted request per month.

Monkey Pillow

Since we've been calling our baby Monkey and I'm going with a jungle animal type theme in the nursery, I decided to start making some decorative pillows to go with the theme. The pillows are all felt, no buttons or small parts that can come off. I will make patterns of the pieces if anyone is interested.

Required materials:
Dark brown felt
Light brown felt
White and black thread
Poly-fil stuffing

Upcoming projects: bibs and burp cloths

I'm going to be starting on bib and burp cloths soon, I found a great guide here:

I picked out some army print fabric and already had some old-school style tattoo print fabric at home. I will let everyone know how they turn out!

Cloth Diapers!

I attempted to make my first cloth diaper this morning, using the tutorial at:

I think it turned out okay for a first try...

But I still think the majority of the cloth diapers I plan to use are bumGenius because they don't require a separate cover and because I won't have to use pins.
They are available at Target for $35.99 for a 2-pack
(white, blue, green, yellow, and pink)